Vst Plugin Jv3P (Roland JX-3P Synthesizer)

The Jv3P is an emulation of the Roland JX-3P Synthesizer. It was developed using a hardware JX-3P Synthesizer and available specifications in order to match all routing, depth, tuning, and value ranges as closely as possible. The presets are all closely as possible to the orginal of the Roland JX-3P Synthesizer.

This Vst Jv3P is free for Download and use it at your own risk. The download package is included the Vst Plugin and also Standalone application. Plaese give your Email by Downloading. When there is a Update you will recieved an email.

Presets of Jv3P

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Specification :

- - Waveform: Sine, Narrow-Pulse and Pulse-Saw.
- - Range: 16', 8', 4'.
- - Modulation: LFO or ENV (Positive or Negative).
- - Waveform: Sine, Narrow-Pulse, Pulse-Saw, Noise.
- - Range: 16', 8', 4'.
- - Tune (transpose) ? 12 semitones.
- - Fine Tune ? .65 semitones.
- - Modulation: LFO or ENV (Positive or Negative).
- - Cross MOD: None, Sync and Metal (sync+ringmod).
Source Mix.
HPF Filter.
- - Low-pass Filter.
- - Cutoff Freq.
- - Resonance.
- - Envelope intensity.
- - Pitch Follow.
- - LFO MOD Amount.
- - ADSR Envelope (Positive or Negative).
- - Main Level.
- - ADSR Envelope or Gate.
- - Chorus
- - Waveform: Sine, Pulse-Saw and Random (combination).
- - Frequency.
- - Delay Time.
- - Destinations: DCO1, DCO2, VCF.

Presets :

A01 String I
A02 String II
A03 Organ I
A04 Organ II
A05 Organ III
A06 Brass I
A07 Brass II
A08 Electric Piano I
A09 Electric Piano II
A10 Clav
A11 Harpsichord
A12 Vibraphone
A13 Chime
A14 Celesta
A15 Accordion
A16 Voice
B01 Violin
B02 Flute
B03 Oboe
B04 Song Whistle
B05 Synth Brass I
B06 Synth Brass II
B07 Dist Guitar
B08 Juicy Funk
B09 Filter Flow
B10 Fat Fifth
B11 Sync Wah
B12 Sync Sweep
B13 Funky Clav
B14 Pulsar
B15 Planet
B16 Jet

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